Your Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised subscription includes all training, guidance and work plans, covering daily teaching of phonics, application to reading and keep-up material for the whole of Reception and Year One.

  • Detailed daily lesson content which establishes an achievable pace and progression to give children every chance of reaching or exceeding national standards by the Year One Screening Check and developing fluency and confidence in reading by the end of Key Stage One.
  • Easy to follow templates for lessons, which require no planning, little preparation and support coverage of all aspects of teaching phonics effectively.
  • Full, easily-administered assessment, with online recording systems.
  • All necessarily support materials for applying phonics to reading, including lessons for decoding, comprehension and reading with expression, as well as guidance for parents on home reading.
  • Keep-up materials to support children in danger of falling behind.
  • Online CPD that can be completed by staff together or individually.
  • Short ‘How To’ videos modelling each aspect of delivery, made by teachers from effective schools.
  • Guidance and case studies on organising delivery of phonics as whole class or in groups.
  • Guidance on pre-phonic preparation at the Nursery Stage.


Support for the development of ‘all round’ reading, with guidance on:

  • Developing language and vocabulary introduced by Kate Cain of *****.
  • Encouraging Reading for Pleasure, by Prof. Teresa Cremin, of the Open University.

Plus access to purchase, also on a not-for-profit basis:

  • Attractive all-new physical resources exactly matched and coded to the Letters and Sounds Revised lessons to minimise teacher preparation. These include mnemonics cards for all Phase 2 and Phase 3 graphemes, illustrated by children’s book author Noah Warnes, as seen on recent Letters and Sounds home learning videos.
  • Unique ‘prompt cards’ to support easy lesson delivery for less confident or non-specialist teachers.

Resources are an integral part of the Letters and Sounds Revised programme and are only available for purchase by subscribers.