Year 2 Spelling

Help children to spell confidently

Support children to build the alphabetic code with our Spelling programme which provides a seamless link from the core Little Wandle Letters and Sounds programme, to learning spelling in Year 2 and above.


Building on knowledge

Familiar structure

All spelling lessons follow the familiar structure of Little Wandle phonics lessons, supporting children to make links to their phonics learning. Lessons build on prior knowledge to ensure children always start from a point of secure understanding.

Assessment built-in

Comprehensive resources

All materials, including comprehensive teaching notes, handouts and screens for display, are downloadable, making sure you have everything you need to teach spelling with minimal preparation. Resources include Use in class materials featuring Prickly the spelling hedgehog! Regular assessments help you to track children’s progress and identify concepts to revisit.


Resources include content for Phase 5 review, Bridge to spelling and Little Wandle Spelling lessons plus detailed guidance.

Progression overview

Our Little Wandle Spelling Progression starts with Phase 5 review.

Term-by-term progression

Our Progression is also presented in a handy half-termly format.