Support for reading

Apply the learning

As children master the phonic code we support you to put that blossoming knowledge into practice. Our three reads structure ensures you teach pupils to decode, read with prosody and comprehension. Our assessment guidance supports you to match children’s secure phonic knowledge to appropriate decodable books.


Learning to read

Little Wandle reading practice sessions take place three times a week starting from Week 4 in Reception. Our guidance includes ideas for timetabling your practice sessions and detailed ‘How to’ videos demonstrating our three reads, whether your pupils are using wordless, blending practice or decodable books.

Reading for pleasure

Loving to read

Encouraging Reading for Pleasure is woven throughout all aspects of Little Wandle. Our Everybody read! section is an ever-expanding resource where we share book recommendations, latest research and practical tips. We also signpost to brilliant examples of Reading for Pleasure activities in Little Wandle member schools for you to try in your own setting.


Our practical support includes reading practice session record sheets and timetabling ideas. We also run regular Getting started with reading practice sessions webinars and one-off Reading for Pleasure special events.

'How to' videos

Our ‘How to’ videos especially for your reading practice sessions model the three reads whether you’re using wordless, blending practice or decodable books.

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Timetabling ideas

Organisation of reading will depend on your setting and we share some great ideas to get you started.