Assessments tracker

Data-driven decisions

Help keep all children on track, map progress and identify those at risk of falling behind with our Little Wandle assessments tracker which is included within your membership subscription.

Stay on track

Detailed analysis

Our Little Wandle assessments tracker has been developed specifically for Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised.

Add your pupil assessments data at the end of each five-week teaching block to create a heatmap and detailed analysis of your children’s progress. This will support you to plan next steps teaching.

Understand starting points

Secure knowledge

No matter what time of year your school, or an individual child, joins the programme our placement assessments mean you can work out exactly where in our Progression to start teaching.


Assessments resources include comprehensive assessment guidance and matching grids. The assessments identify any child at risk of falling behind and clearly show which gaps need to be filled so that you can plan effective Daily Keep-up.


Our assessments tracker means you can create easy-to-read heatmaps. These show any gaps in whole class learning so you can plan teaching to keep the class on track.

Pupil trends

The tracker also shows pupil trends so you can see children’s data over time and allocate indicative book levels for each child.