Membership - ITT provider

Thank you for choosing an ITT provider membership for your students. We’re looking forward to working with you.

Please read these six important steps before completing the checkout form

  1. The Course Director/Tutor for each cohort is the Super User. They are responsible for the cohort of students you would like to have access to the Little Wandle website. Your setting may have several cohorts and therefore need several Super Users. The Super User/s will be our main point of contact for all communications (other than invoicing) and will have access to students’ Little Wandle CPD data.
  2. If you have three cohorts for example, you will need three Super Users, each of whom will need to fill out the checkout form in order to set up their account to administer their team.
  3. Our minimum price is £300 which gives you 15 individual log-ins. Using the drop-down menu below you should select an additional individual log-in for every student in your cohort that you would like to have access to the website.
  4. In the Membership duration box please choose whether your students are on a one year or three-year course.
  5. Once you have submitted your order, we will send you a Next Steps email and your account will be Pending until we have completed some onboarding checks.
  6. When we make your account live, you will receive a Getting Started email which will include how to invite the students in your cohort to your Little Wandle team.

Membership – ITT provider

From: £20.00 for 1 year per member


Number of Seats: