Book recommendations

Top picks of 2023 for Key Stage 1

Take a look at our four fantastic recommendations for Key Stage 1.

Fly Boy by J J Bola and Clara Anganuzzi (Simon & Schuster Ltd, 2023)

Feelings can be overwhelming. Sometimes we just don’t have the right words to explain them and so we show them instead. Thomas’s wings are bright and blue, while Fly Boy’s are fiery and red. Does Thomas have what it takes to help Fly Boy heal? A mesmerising book focusing on mental health and behaviour, and one which is guaranteed to leave you wondering: How can we help each other to be the best versions of ourselves?

The Great Storm Whale by Benji Davies (Simon & Schuster Ltd, 2023)

The story of a girl, a whale and a friendship. This glorious addition to the ‘Storm Whale’ series celebrates the love that is passed down through generations. Emotionally charged and intensely atmospheric the striking illustrations perfectly capture the seaside world.

My Baba’s Garden by Jordan Scott and illustrated by Sydney Smith (Walker Books, 2023)

Like earlier books by this award-winning duo, My Baba’s Garden explores everyday experiences and family relationships through simple moments full of love – this time the special relationship between grandmother and child. Baba visits his grandmother every day and finds her boiling potatoes, her hand holding a beetroot, her elbow closing a fridge…

Open the pages of these books and find a life less ordinary to share with your children.

Poetry Prompts: All sorts of prompts to start a poem from Joseph Coelho by Joseph Coelho and illustrated by Georgie Birkett, Amanda Quartey, Grasya Oliyko and Viola Wang (Quarto Publishing, 2023)

Joseph Coehlo is on a mission to make everyone a poet during his tenure as Children’s Laureate, and this beautiful book will definitely help! Filled with ideas and prompts for starting poems about a huge range of subjects and styles, this stunning collection will inspire even the most reluctant poet!