Book recommendations

Top picks of 2023 for EYFS

Take a look at our four fab recommendations

The Dream Book by Bia Melo (Templar Publishing, 2023)

A perfect bedtime story to indulge in to help settle the little ones, as it takes you on a dreamworld adventure filled with artistry. This book explores early experiences of good and bad dreams and how to heroically capture these them for a peaceful night’s sleep. Are you ready to step into a world of imagination?

The Artist by Ed Vere (Penguin Random House, 2023)

A joyful celebration of beauty, mistakes and the artist in all of us. This little dinosaur is full of ideas and creativity but making mistakes and painting outside the lines makes her feel disheartened. However, the intervention of a little girl convinces her to keep going. The bold and colourful illustrations will captivate children as they are similar in style to the ones that they will be able to produce themselves.

A Way to the Stars by David Almond and illustrated by Gill Smith (Walker, 2023)

Suitable for EYFS

Little Joe dreams of travelling into space and his dad is determined to help him get there. Cue a beautifully simple story of resilience and imagination, written by the master of storytelling, David Almond. Gill Smith’s gorgeous illustrations bring the author’s words to life, making it a relatable but inspiring story to share.

Not Now, Noor by Farhana Islam (Penguin Random House, 2023)

A light-hearted and heart-warming story celebrating Muslim women and family love. Noor is a little girl with a head full of questions … Why do all the women in her family wear a hijab? Is it for hiding snacks or their secret identity? Armed with her curiosity, Noor sets out on a quest to find out because everyone is just too busy to give her the answer!