Book recommendations

Top picks for EYFS for International Women’s Day

Celebrate International Women’s Day with inspiring books that showcase amazing girls and women changing the world with courage and kindness. From adventurous tales to true stories of remarkable women, these books are perfect for young readers to learn about the incredible achievements of women everywhere.

What Are Little Girls Made of?  by Jeanne Willis and Isabelle Follath (Nosy Crow, 2020)

Jeanne Willis has taken our best-known nursery rhymes and reworked them with a wonderfully feminist slant! Little Bo Peep is no longer an inept shepherdess, but instead a brave rescuer. Rather than tumbling after Jack, Jill rushes home to fetch a first aid kit! Humour and beautiful illustrations combine to make this a future classic.

ABC What Can She Be? by Sugar Snap Studio and Jessie Ford (Walter Foster Jr, 2018)

A very simple board book that showcases 26 possible career paths for girls. Use the bold, colourful illustrations to get your children, boys and girls, talking about what jobs they would like to do when they grow up.

This Girl Can Do Anything by Stephanie Stansbie and Hazel Quintanilla (Little Tiger Press Group, 2023)

An uplifting anthem for girls everywhere. Through relatable stories and empowering messages, Ruby will inspire readers to embrace their strengths, pursue their passions, and conquer any challenge. A must-read for anyone seeking motivation and confidence to chase their dreams.

Mae Jemison by Mary Nhin (Grow Grit Press 2020)

A beautiful picture books about Mae Jemison and how she succeeded to become an astronaut despite overwhelming obstacles. It highlights that with hard work, anyone can achieve great things!