All primary ages

Reading with wolves

I’ve been a little bit busy recently, lots of lovely cakes needing making but not so busy that I couldn’t put my mind to the plan I mentioned.

I think I’m going to make it my mission (along with baking delicious cakes, of course) to let everyone know about W.A.R.M. which stands for ‘Wolves Are Rather Marvellous’ which, we are, aren’t we?

Of course, everyone of us is special but I do feel that wolves have had rather a hard time of things, what with having to be fierce and scary all the time. Things are changing though, and as well as sharing some of our history, I wanted to show that wolves can be anything they want to be now, just like you!

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Big Bad Wolf and we all know the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, don’t we?

Here’s a picture from a very old book which includes the story. It was published in 1810! That’s a very, very long time ago!

My friend Nicola tells me that the story was first published in 1697 by a French author called Charles Perrault. He didn’t make it up though, as a folk story, it had been told and retold through generations, he was just the first person to put it into a book.

All young wolves practise huffing and puffing in school, just like in The Three Little Pigs but I was never any good at it and even worse at climbing down chimneys!

Who wants to land in a fireplace and get a singed bottom anyway? 

I wanted to see if I could find stories about all kinds of wolves and there’s loads to choose from! 

I love this one,  The Ways of the Wolf. It’s by Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Jonathan Woodward. 

It tells you everything you’d need to know about wolves in the wild with amazing illustrations too. I like the bit where it tells of the friends of the wolf, very important, just like my pigs. And look at when they are hunting!

Emily Gravett seems to like wolves, she’s made two books about us, this one

and this one!

And I especially like this one by Shen Roddie and Selina Young. The grandma in it reminds me of mine!

And she likes baking, like me!

But…. I have to be really honest, there is one book in particular which is very close to my heart.

It tells the story of a baking wolf, who has some amazing friends and finally gets to do what he’s always dreamt of!

Sound familiar? Here’s a little film, in case you haven’t worked it out!